PCORI Mentoring


NHHF is proud to announce the “Hispanic Health Research Mentoring Program” for 2017-2018.

Specifically, NHHF is recruiting junior faculty researcher Mentees (up to 5 years post doc) to be matched with (patient-centered outcomes research) PCOR-experienced senior faculty researcher Mentors, conducting a year-long of mentorship and educational activities including webinars, trainings and online discussion via a dedicated Facebook group, and hosting PCORI activities at NHMA’s 22nd Annual Conference in Washington, DC.

NHHF aims to increase the amount of health research with Hispanics that utilize culturally-appropriate, patient-centered approaches, and thus improve the use and trustworthiness of information for Hispanics to make informed health choices. We propose the following measurable short- and long-term objectives that will facilitate meeting the overall project goals.

Convene a diverse Advisory Committee, consisting of 8-10 individuals that represent patients, advocates, researchers, clinicians. Advisory Committee members will guide mentor/mentee recruitment, participate in online and face-to-face activities and serve as ambassadors of Hispanic-focused PCOR in their respective networks.

  1. Build an interdisciplinary network of researchers committed to conducting and amplifying PCOR research for Hispanic health by recruiting two cohorts (one per year) of junior faculty researchers (Mentees) and PCOR-experienced senior faculty researchers (Mentors) from NHHF/NHMA networks.

  2. Enhance junior faculty research skills and use of PCOR methods in ongoing and new research by conducting:

    1. Quarterly Webinars on topics such as patient engagement across the research process, Hispanic patient perspectives on PCOR, sustaining engagement with migrating and undocumented and Hispanic communities, and PCOR funding;

    2. Annual Two-Day, In-Person Trainings using high-quality PCOR training materials adapted for Hispanic population relevance, including updated case studies, exercises and modules with speakers from the community research arena on grant writing, research skills and journal publication;

    3. Dedicated Facebook Group Discussions will build on the webinar topics and dig deeper into practical application, such as discussing research protocols that work for large families; and

    4. PCOR Ignite Session at the NHMA Annual Conference for mentees to present their research, receive rapid feedback, and demonstrate PCOR in action.

  3. Advance PCOR research and interest in Hispanic health and clinical research through promoting patient-centered approaches and research findings at the NHMA Annual Conference, workshop, poster session, PCOR Exhibit Booth, NHHF website, and social media.

Please consider or pass this on to your colleagues to be a Research Mentee or a Research Mentor by applying below by August 25, 2017.

Junior Faculty Researcher MENTEE: Click Here for application

Senior Faculty Researcher MENTOR: Please email CV and Letter of Interest to Imani Cabassa:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This project is supported by the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards.  For more information contact  Pedro Montenegro at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at (202) 628-5895.


NHHF PCORI CONFERENCE PROJECT - April 24, 2016 and June 29, 2016 Summits were successfully completed. Report to be done and uploaded here in the Fall.  The purpose of the Summits were to develop an Agenda for Hispanic Health Research with a focus on patient engagement and training of faculty and residents and medical students about Hispanic Health Research.  NHHF identified a core group of senior researchers interested in serving on our Advisory Committee.  Funded by PCORI.