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NHMA mentors medical students, residents, young physicians, and mid-career physicians who are committed to serving as leaders in our Hispanic communities.  Since 2007, NHMA has brought 40 medical schools and public health schools to the Annual Conference to recruit over 1,500 Hispanic college and high school students to health professions careers with free lectures and recruitment fair for students and their parents.

In 2013-2015, we were provided support from the GE Foundation and the Office of Minority Health and motivated 2,000 students in DC, San Antonio, Los Angeles - to apply to medical school and other health careers and we also provided LMSA medical student mentors.

Since 2004, the NHHA Scholarship Program provides medical students mentoring from NHMA Physician members with support from the United Health Foundation.

NHMA has trained 120 mid-career physicians to become national leaders through the NHMA Leadership Fellowship since 2000 and we are seeking the partners to start-up the Class of 2014 this Fall and have $100,000 pledge from NYC Health and Hospitals but need more partners to get to our goal of $300,000.

NHMA has trained 100 in its Resident Leadership Program with support from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and is seeking partners to continue this key development program.

Lastly, NHHF is currently developing the Hispanic Health Research Mentoring Program supported by NIDDK and PCORI - we had 25 residents attend the first training session in April and are searching for 20 Junior Faculty plus 35 residents to be trained in Spring 2017 on the skills to build Hispanic health research.


Our goal this year is to raise 1 million dollars. But, we can only accomplish this with your support! We need your help to continue funding our future Hispanic health care workforce.

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